Dipo Beads(Tie on )
Dipo Beads(Tie on )
Dipo Beads(Tie on )
Dipo Beads(Tie on )
Dipo Beads(Tie on )
Dipo Beads(Tie on )
Dipo Beads(Tie on )
Dipo Beads(Tie on )
Dipo Beads(Tie on )
Dipo Beads(Tie on )

Dipo Beads(Tie on )

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Simply measure your waist size and purchase. Make sure your waist is not above (REFER TO SIZE CHART) and it's cuķstomizable (comes with instructions on how to customize)  For a layered look buy 4 or 5. Mix and match with our classic waist beads.  Fits only small, large and medium only.u


 White red/blue stripped - 38 inches 

White red /blue stripped(m)-38 inches 

White blue/brown strip - 36 inches 

White blue /brown strip - 40 inches 

White brown/black strip -36 inches

White wine strip - 40 inches 

White blue strip - 40 inches

Blue white strip - 40 inches 

Blue white strip(s)- 44 inches 

White orange strip - 36 inches 

PLEASE measure your waist to ensure that your beads sit on the area that you desire. To easily measure your waist choose a location along your waist or under your navel where you would like your beads to sit and wrap a string or fabric measuring tap around that area of your waist with your stomach relaxed. Do not hold the string or measuring tape around your waist tightly as that may cause a wrong measurement or a tightly fitted set of waist beads (which will ultimately end up rolling up to the next smallest area along your waist). If you are using a string to measure your waist mark on the string the area that the two ends meet and using a ruler or whatever other measuring devices you own to measure the string. This is in case you happen to own one of those metal measuring tapes that aren't really that flexible. 


Item details

Handmade item


Beads, thread nylon

Waist beads have been worn by women for a very long time.
They make a woman feel feminine and beautiful.

Other reasons include;

• Used as a waist control. They help shrink the waist as well as maintain the figure. If the beads get tighter as you continue using them, you will know you are adding weight. Same case to losing weight if they become loose.

•Some women use beads to keep matters romantic hot. 
They adorn the beads to make their men happy.

• The beads are used to make the waist noticeable.

The beads are better worn as a bunch.


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