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Wholesale (Bulk) Bolga Straw Woven Hand Fan

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Hello this listing is for the purpose of bulk pricing for our straw woven hand fans

Instructions to follow (MUST READ)

1. Before ordering go through the list of listings of fans that you want to buy. Ensure that it allows you to add to the cart to check availability.
2. Message us the list of fans you want you to buy and wait for me to confirm that what you selected is available, but for the most part our listings are 85% accurate on the availability.
3 . Once approved you can purchase and add the note of the final selection in the notes section of the order.
4. Please allow one business day to process the custom bulk sales or message me if you want it processed faster.
5. Dimensions is about 16"-18"long and 9"-12"wide.
this is very simple. Kindly message us if you have any questions that have not been answered with the  above