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Yellow, Brown and White African Ankara Print And Leather Handbag, Green Leather Handle, zipper, Spacious Easy to Handle African Print Handbag

Our Mission!

Akwaaba! (Welcome!) We bring to you the finest and authentic products straight from the motherland, Ghana. Our goal is for you to feel connected to the African continent and your ancestral heritage through these artifacts and it is our hope that you get to experience Africa and share your journey with us!

  • SPIRITUALITY AND BEAUTY - Traditional Beads

    In Ghana, waist beads are typically worn by different ethnic groups, including the Akans, Fantes, and Ewes. Waist beads symbolize femininity, sensuality, fertility, growth, and spiritual well-being. They are worn for ceremonial functions such as Passage rites and festivals. Today, waist beads have become a popular accessory for women around the world.  They are used to measure weight loss or gain. The symbolic nature of beads have become the connecting tool for African women in diaspora to reach their heritage and to connect with their ancestors.

  • KENTE CLOTH - A Symbol of Royalty and Wealth

    A traditional Kente is a brightly colored material made from thin strips woven together on narrow looms. The Kente cloth is identified with the Akan people of the Ashanti Kingdom in Ghana, West Africa. This cloth Symbolizes Royalty and wealth, as it was only worn by Kings, Queens, and other royal bloods during special occasions such as Annual Festivals. Today,  many people wear Kente for special functions such as wedding ceremonies, graduations, funerals, etc.   


    Ever wondered what these African symbols mean? These symbols represent concepts or aphorisms that have deeper connection with spirituality and the application of everyday life. 

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