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Akwaaba! (Welcome!)  We bring to you the finest and authentic products straight from the motherland, Ghana. Our goal is for you to feel connected to the African continent and your ancestral heritage through these artifacts. Most of our products, including our Headwraps, Handfans, Waistbeads, Shea Butter, and African Black Soaps are handmade with love from Ghana, West Africa. It is our hope that you get to experience Africa and share your journey with us!

Thabo(S) Fati(S) Sadia(S) Akuba (S) Nana (S)

What's New

Grab 'N' Wrap

Having a bad hair day? No worries!! Simply grab your beautiful headwrap or classic Bonnet with Band to save the day! Grab 'n' wrap, wrap 'n' go!

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Spirituality and Beauty

Traditional Beads

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Anfani Nhyira Lethabo Safia Ako Vee

Unique patterns 'n' colors

Décor 'n' Cool off

Unique and Beautifully made handfans with vibrant colors to cool you off this hot summer. Great quality and the amount of air you get is unmatched by any other handfan.

Ankara Prints Straw Woven

Adinkra/ African symbols

Every Symbol has a meaning

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kente cloth

A symbol of Royalty and Wealth

A traditional Kente is a brightly colored material made from thin strips woven together on narrow looms. The Kente cloth is identified with the Akan people of the Ashanti Kingdom in Ghana, West Africa. This cloth Symbolizes Royalty and wealth, as it was only worn by Kings, Queens, and other royal bloods during special occasions such as Annual Festivals. Today,  many people wear Kente for special functions such as wedding ceremonies, graduations, funerals, etc.   

Kente Cloth Names and Meanings

Awia Repue

Meaning "rising sun". This symbolizes progress, renewal, development, warmth, vitality, and energy.

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Sika Fre Mogya

Meaning "money attracts blood". This translates that wealth strengthens family bonds. When one is successful, he or she is obligated to share success with family

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Obaakofuo Mmu Man

This translates "one person does not rule a nation". It expresses the Akan system of governance based on participatory democracy. Originally, the cloth was named FATHIA FATA NKRUMAH, which means "Fathia is a suitable wife for Nkrumah", First President of Ghana. The cloth symbolizes democracy and warning against autocratic rule

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Hair 'n' skin care by tamalie naturals

Black soap

Scented Shea Butter

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