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Musk And Cederwood Scented Enriched Shea Butter Cream

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Musk And Cederwood Scented

This is a Soft to touch,Easy to apply Enriched Shea Butter Cream,feels soft and easy to melt between the palm. Great for the Winter, Xmas Holidays etc.

Our Musk And Cederwood Enriched Shea Butter Cream is a mixture of  Raw Shea Butter,  Olive Oil, Avocado Oil,Jojoba Oil, Argan Oil, sweet almond oil,caster oil, Glycerin, vitamin E,Fragrance Oil.

Our Raw Shea Butter is made Fresh in Ghana and Packaged in the USA. The main origin is in Navrongo, Ghana. Shea Butter has long been an African Skin Care secret.  The main Ingredient in Our Enriched Butter is Shea Butter!

Shea Butter is a nutrient paste made from the nut of the Shea (Vitellaria Paradoxa) Tree. It is rich in various fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. Pure organic Shea has been used for centuries to moisturize and revitalize beautiful skin. 

Restores moisture to dry sensitive skin with a rich, buttery blend of oils infused with precious plant extracts, lightly scented blend of essential oils .
 Each use will leave your skin feeling hydrated, fresh and skin with a natural glow
How to Use Our Product:

Apply Body butter as an all over body moisturizer after bathing or showering. Leaves skin smooth, moisturized and with a sweet fresh aroma of your choice. A little goes a long way with this product. For the best moisturizing experience, use within 6 months after opening, however, it can last for 12months max. For external use only .(Buy 16oz and receive a free wooden scoop)      

Best Uses 

Moisturizing skin/ body

- Soothe the effects of a burn, irritation, muscle aches, and minor skin imperfections.

- Sealing in hair moisture.

- Provides Anti Aging benefits

-Reduces Strech Marks, Scarring & Cellulite