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Rossette Flare Puff Hand Dress With Belt

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This is a soft, cozy, colorful and easy to wear dress. It is a unique dress made with a combination of Lycra and Ankara fabric,has a back zip and a teardrop shaped cut on the chest area,this maxi dress is designed to make you look fashionable ,comfortable,Sexy, Stylish,and very noble.
Best fits: Comes in US sizes as seen in the chart.
Suitable for most outings, dates, church, parties, business meetings, anniversaries , holidays, travels, vacations etc

Size chart

Small(Size 6 )        Medium( Size 10  )                               Large( Size 14  )        

Bust -36                      Bust -38                                                  Bust -43                 

Waist -29                     Waist-31                                                 Waist -35                

Hip - 38                          Hip-41                                                 Hip -48                  

 Extra Large(Size 16)

 Bust - 47

 Waist - 38

 Hip - 51