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Sandy Batik XL Bonnet

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The bonnet has 100% Batik Fabric on one side, and 100% quality Silky soft satin fabric on the other side. We choose the most modern beautiful vibrant colors of African Ankara prints for our bonnets. The standard adult size elastic band measures 24". And the diameter is 34”. 

 This bonnet is big enough to protect most extension braid styles as well as natural locs; alternatively it will be suitable if you have long natural hair.

Shop Our Collection of African Print Hair Bonnets (Ankara Bonnets), Satin Hair Bonnets, Sleeping Caps, and Hair Bonnets for Women and Girls. Ankara Bonnets are a great way to preserve your hair as you sleep at night. The satin lining helps to keep frizz and breakage at bay and can extend time between wash days. Our sleeping caps are available in fun African and Ankara prints and are handcrafted in small batches in Ghana by women entrepreneurs.